How much did media Bias contribute to Brexit and Leave?

Recently the Leave campaign has been found guilty of electoral fraud and fined by the Electoral Commission. Since these are facts that can't be disputed, various parts of the Leave fraternity have been attempting to make arguments that in some way mitigate the offence. One of the more common arguments is the "Pamphlet Defence" which …

The Case for – FBPE Party

Voice of TREASON

Much has been written about the idea of an alliance of progressives between parties; Greens, Lib Dems and the sane anti Brexit wing of Labour, but few have dared suggest a better route would be the unification into a new party.

The rise of FBPE creates two obvious candidates to start this ball rolling and give Labour MPs something to join (and maybe even Ken Clarke and his fellow. Mutineers). All would have much to gain from a marriage instead of an affair.

For a moment, humour this article with the suspension of disbelief in two areas. Firstly you’ll need to pack up any tribal loyalty; for hardcore Labour, for Lib Demmers, for Greens, for Tories. I’m about to propose something will be an anathema for any but the most open minded.

Secondly, you’ll need to accept that you can’t fit a recyclable, biodegradable cigarette paper made of hemp between…

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Dominic Cummings

Only the arch Leaver could write this so well. And with such little personal responsibility for this mess. This is what happens when you "win" something without knowing what you've "won". Benefit. The project without benefits or outcomes that millions support. From the FT 27 May 2018 Text for those with paywall problems: --------------------- Dominic …

Baby Boomers. The Shameful Generation.

Baby Boomers. Used the language of the Fascists their parents died to defeat to steal the future from children they would rather see suffer than give up the present they would selfishly keep for themselves. When the story of #Brexit is told by Historians, the Great Generation will be followed by the Avericious Adolescents