Tax Evasion: The Dirty Little Secret Behind Brexit Obstinacy

betrayUpdated 2/12/18

Andrea Leadsom was the first of now many major Brextremists to make a totalitarian intervention about patriotism. Accusing those who don’t back you of being traitors is the last refuge of a scoundrel. In the absence of any truly beneficial arguments for Brexit she, like all other committed Leavers, is falling back on hopeless and defensive twaddle.

It seems like the best argument these days for leaving the EU is to cite the flawed result of the EU16 referendum. Seemingly questioning the legitimacy or validity of that plebiscite, or simply the plainly ludicrous path to Brexit that the UK is pursuing has apparently become Treason.

This obstinacy, however, prompts some questions we should all be asking.

Why would the CON Party, which claims to be the natural Party of Government and the Economy, be so dogged in its continued pursuit not just of Brexit, but of the hardest possible form of Brexit from the EU; the path that is most likely to throw the UK into economic, political and administrative chaos for years to come? Why, given the opportunity, do the CONs not just accept the Single Market, win some friends and move forward from their nightmare?

It just doesn’t make sense right?


There was always a rock solid argument for Brexit for some, an argument so compelling that sponsors of the Leave Campaign were ready to use any amount of funding, and any false claims, in order to secure the UK’s exit from the EU. Spurious lies were and continue to be told about sovereignty, immigration, accountability, employee rights and even capacity to trade to avoid the one big thing that could not be put at risk.

It’s called tax evasion.

We’re not talking about small annoyances perpetrated by Google or Starbucks, or the occasional public obsessions with Non-Doms. Those are the trivial smoke screens, and future sacrificial lambs presented to hide the real crime – the trillions of pounds sterling which have been filtered through UK institutions to offshore tax havens.

It is no serendipitous coincidence that a hard Brexit would come into effect in 2019, coincidental with the start date for EU legislation to identify and deal with evasion of tax. Crucially, the proposed EU legislation only affects members of the Single Market, which of course, is why it’s so necessary that by 2019 the club does not include the UK.

So when we talk about Patriotism and Treason, to whom do those labels really apply? On the one hand, we have a bunch of resistance fighters, the Remainers, desperate to stop the UK going down a path that they know will be destructive. They are the true Patriots.

guy_fawkes_henry_perronet_briggsOn the other, we have liars, fully funded by tax evaders, ready to pursue any path, not the country’s interest, but in the interest of a number of very wealthy backers who would hijack to the UK to avoid the repatriation of wealth.

In November every year, we burn Guy Fawkes for a less offensive crime, one for which we have a name.

That crime is called Treason.



Update. Offshore tax avoiders and evaders

And finally the huff post gets it in this article

More from The Guardian on Brexiter offshore Tax Evasion, including Andrea Leadsome who prompted this article.

5 Replies to “Tax Evasion: The Dirty Little Secret Behind Brexit Obstinacy”

  1. I believe this to be the true reason Brexit is being pursued by the very wealthy and inflicted on our nation against the interests of the many

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  2. I have no doubt at all that it’s true, think of Murdoch, Dyson most of the owners of the tabloid press and the answer is clear, the nationalists have been led right down the proverbial garden path


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