The General Election Cancelled (Hard) Brexit


One of the latest pernicious extrapolations being used to pursue Brexit is the idea that because 85% of the Electorate voted for Conservative or Labour, hence 85% of people voted for Brexit.

There are multiple reasons why this isn’t the case, but the best one is to compare directly to the 2016 single issue Referendum.

In the General Election 2017 only one major party stood on a single issue – the Conservatives. Labour explicitly said they stood on multiple issues and rejected the idea that the election was only about Brexit.

Unfortunately for Leavers the Conservatives did not do this. They were very clear. The reason they were holding the election was to give May the mandate for Brexit. To strengthen her hand in the negotiations.

Much like Cameron set the terms for EURef 2016, May set the terms for GE17. She made it clear in her starting speech, her ending speech and numerous times inbetween that the election and her mandate,  despite any side discussions, was all about Brexit and leading Brexit Negotiations.

So if we’re to follow the logic of single issue voting the right statistic to look at is how many people supported the single issue Conservative manifesto on Brexit. The answer is simple Maths. 40% of the Electorate voted Tory*, hence…

60% of the Electorate rejected the Brexit Manifesto at the last Election.

And since elections overwrite any previous votes or referenda, It’s seems we should now be cancelling Negotiations, cancelling The Great Repeal Bill and petitioning the EU to withdraw Article 50.

*update. To be entirely objective the UKIP vote was 1.8% also,  arguably, a single issue manifesto.

3 Replies to “The General Election Cancelled (Hard) Brexit”

  1. This needs to be spread widely and especially to Rees-Mogg and other perpetrators of the lie that there is an 80% Mandate for Brexit from GE17.


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