The Choice defines the Man

You’re in a negotiation. It’s going horribly wrong because…well how could it not. You haven’t planned it; you have no leverage; there’s no reason for it; the outcome is guaranteed to be worst than what you have already; your position is untenable and based on lies; half the electorate actively hate the idea you’re in the room and would rather see you fail…oh, and the only reason you’re there is coz a bunch of rich guys decided they didn’t want to pay taxes so funded a ludicrous campaign based on Hate, Fear and a New British Empire.

Now. Do you:

a) do the right thing for the country, admit your error, find a messy compromise and make up with the EU and the country while you can?


b) at the behest of your tax evading backers, throw integrity and morality into Room 101, create some sort of contrived slight, lie or fiasco to allow you to ditch the impossible negotiations and commit the country straight to Hell.

Be careful. While a) is really embarrassing short term, if the truth of b) ever comes out, your effigy will replace Guy Fawkes on the November pyre for the greatest act of Treason in British History.


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