Baby Boomers. The Shameful Generation.

Baby Boomers.

Used the language of the Fascists their parents died to defeat

to steal the future from children they would rather see suffer

than give up the present they would selfishly keep for themselves.

When the story of #Brexit is told by Historians, the Great Generation will be followed by the

Avericious Adolescents


2 Replies to “Baby Boomers. The Shameful Generation.”

  1. You can’t generalise. I’m a ‘Baby Boomer’. Many of my friends are too. We all voted Remain. None of us read the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sun or Daily Telegraph. Now THAT’s your story.


    1. I’m afraid I’m not generalising, I’m forming a conclusion based on a clear skew in the data.
      I know 40% of baby Boomers do not fit into this category, but I’m afraid 60% do including the vast majority of politicians supporting Leave.

      There’s a question to discuss here Mike, why Churchill’s generation died to create the EU. Yet the majority of their children would reject it for avarice, hatred and a return to a lost British Empire.

      I’m sorry if I offend the 40%, but it’s the 60% who we should all be ashamed of, and if I were a baby Boomer I’d be saying I was ashamed of my generation, not defending it.


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