The #Brexit #Boycott List

Will keep this live with the brands owned by major donors to the Leave cause or the Conservative Party. For more info as to why companies are on the list see BoycottBrexit


Samworth Brothers




Dickinson & Morris

Tamar Foods – many supermarket own label

Walker & Son – supermarket own label pork pies

Bradgate Bakery – supermarket salads, sandwiches and chilled foods

Melton Foods – upscale sandwiches

Blueberry Foods – deserts

Kensey Foods – deserts

Brooksby Foods – ready meals

Kettleby Foods – ready meals

Salad works – ready meals

Walkers Sausage Co

Walkers Deli – supermarkets, particularly Tesco 

JML John Mills Limited


Tate & Lyle

Patisserie Valerie

Rocco Forte Hotels

Brown’s Hotel

The Balmoral

CMC Markets

Landrover (cosponsor Americas Cup) 


The Sum

The Times

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail

The Mail on Sunday

Daily Express 



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