The #Brexit #Boycott List

Will keep this live with the brands owned by major donors to the Leave cause or those whose media coverage is strongly biased pro leave. In the case of the latter, two examples; the BBC is not on the list since it at least attempts impartially; the Daily Mail is on the list since it has almost completely one sided coverage against Remain and the EU.

Argent Group Foyle (multiple food and food related products http://argent group companies citation )

Blueberry Foods – deserts
Bradgate Bakery – supermarket salads, sandwiches and chilled foods
Brooksby Foods – ready meals
Brown’s Hotel
CMC Markets

Château Léoube (funded by JCB MONEY).

C Hoare & Co

Daily Express
Daily Mail

Daylesford Farm (funded by JCB money)
Dickinson & Morris

Dixon Carphone plc (due to Lord Kalms


H Forman & Son


Hargreaves Lansdown
JML John Mills Limited


Jeeves of Belgravia (Timpson Group) ,

Johnson’s Dry Cleaning (Timpson Group)

Kensey Foods – deserts
Kettleby Foods – ready meals
Landrover (cosponsor Americas Cup, link to article)

Max Spiellmann (Timpson Group)
Melton Foods – upscale sandwiches


Odey Asset Management
Patisserie Valerie
Rocco Forte Hotels
Salad works – ready meals
Samworth Brothers

ShoeCare (Timpson Group)

Snappy Snaps (Timpson Group)
Tamar Foods – many supermarket own label
Tate & Lyle
The Balmoral
The Daily Mail and Mail on SundayT

The Daily Star

The Sun

The Times and Sunday Times


Timpson Locksmiths (part of Timpsoms group)

VW Financial Services

Due to comments of founder

Walker & Son – supermarket own label pork pies
Walkers Deli – many supermarkets though mostly at the largest one

Walkers Sausage Co

A special mention goes to Waitrose, a supermarket based mainly in the South East of England which derives a high proportion of it’s profits from London, a strongly remain voting city. Despite this, it still continues to support The Daily Mail, a publication of such despicable bias and predjudice that it deserves status on this list and on all general lists standing against hatred. For that reason, the author makes a special exception for Waitrose. Not a funder of Brexit directly, but one that should, due to the base of its customers, review its media partnerships. Until such time Waitrose is to be boycotted.


Update. An alternative detailed list exists here.

Update. Farage supporting advertisers here.

4 Replies to “The #Brexit #Boycott List”

  1. You might wish to add VW Financial Services to the Boycott list (Malc Hill their Founder) has encouraged boycotting Superdry. His twitter handle is @malc_hill. He is one of their Founders.
    I tried to share this with EU Memes who have an excellent list too but could not see where to send a mail or add a suggestion.

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