How Not To Talk To Brexiteers

Source: How Not To Talk To Brexiteers

A view from the other side, well thought through. However,  two points to note.

1. While the author talks rationally, he still divides the world into two, Remainers and Brexiters. We know that it’s more nuanced; regardless of how people voted the world is better represented by 5 groups, 10% each strongly brexit/remain, 30% each uncommitted and unsure that did the right thing and 20% in the middle who genuinely don’t know, don’t care or don’t want to get involved. There’s a 6th group too. Strong remainers who were excluded because it was apparently an advisory vote – 16/17 year olds and ex pats.


2. He’s looking for concensus for a binary decision where there is little concensus to find. We’re either IN or OUT. Some argue for a Norway style middle ground but it’s mostly regarded as the worst of both worlds where we gain little for strong Brexiters who think there’s a sovereignty and immigrating problem and lose much influence for strong Remainers who say it’s Boston tea party – all the taxation, none of the representation.


So putting one and two together is he right? I’m not sure he is.


If we are to overturn the referendum democratically, it will need to be democratically voted again in a second referendum of whichever sort. Assuming the disenfranchised ex pats don’t get the vote again (tbd on legal challenges, if they vote Remain has already won), then the constituency  who will decide on this issue will be the 60% in the middle who aren’t committed and the 20% who are unengaged.

The arguments for those groups have very little to do with what the author pens, which are mostly ways to talk to the 10% die hard Brexiters.

The groups in the middle do not have those same concerns, or identities.  Mostly they simply care about real things  and mostly they’re beginning to worry that Brexit is a disastrous negotiation, a problem for NHS staff and a danger for our economy. They’ll say, even if they voted Leave,  that even if it was a good idea at the time, it’s now led by idiotic leaders they don’t trust and who are messing things up.

In other words a vote for Remain in the next poll will not be won through compromise with extremists, or with  equally rabid endorsement of the benefits of the EU. It will be won on good old fashioned things: the impact Brexit has on what normal people care about – NHS, their family, education, price of shopping, job security. And in all those areas Brexit now looks like a disaster.


Source: How Not To Talk To Brexiteers

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