It’s Brexit or the NHS

The NHS funding crisis is the latest of a series of self inflicted Brexit wounds on our country, but it may be the most serious and real to the average bloke or gal.

Until now the negative effects of Brexit have been the stuff of elites. Yes the country has probably lost upwards of £250B in purchasing power, but people don’t get a number like that. It’s not real.

Then yes, resulting Brexflation hurts food prices, but that’s noticeable over months not days and so it falls into the background for all but the poorest in our society, easily the most hurt by Brexit.

Finally our loss of influence in diplomatic circles the world over – we’ve become a sort of Trumpesque farce of a country – is something noone sees normally. The loss of cases at the ICHR and the questions about the legitimacy of our UN seat are just the start of a general, “why UK if it’s not representing the EU”

Still, all of this is mostly high falutin bollocks to the average voter, which is why the NHS is so important as it makes these issues real.

Huge sterling losses can’t be understood but real terms loss in NHS budgets because we’re syphoning off Billions to pay for Brexit planning and contingency can be.

Brexflation on milk may seem like pennies. But when some trusts are reporting double digit impacts in their ability to buy medical products from abroad, you gotta wonder if they’ll have needles for you. Anyone who’s tried to get screened for anything recently in the NHS knows theyre switching this stuff off just to pay for running the shop. We already have gonorrhoea and chlamydia outbreaks. How long before the screening damage hurts cancer statistics?

And then there’s influence. Creaping privatisation through PFI was already a problem. But once Liam Fox has his hands on a US trade deal, he’ll sell his family and our NHS out. Our lack of punch without the backing of the EU massively weakens his hand. Pretty soon you’ll find that NHS trusts that don’t bid for contracts with private US health corporations are in breach of trade rules. And we know where that dystopian cycle ends.

So the NHS. Safe in their hands?

If Brexit happens it’s about as safe as a labour cat in a Microwave with Jacob Rees-Mogg at the controls.


Some have asked me on twitter for the back up data. I won’t paste it all in as it adds to the length of the article. But you can find it all in this chain.

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